Sew4Lives is a 100% Volunteer initiative that was born in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, created by designers Caroline Berti & Karen Sabag.

Sew4Lives is inclusive and open to all designers, creatives, and Volunteers who are willing and able to sew PPE.

Our main focus is on masks, though we also create, surgical caps, Mask adjusters, and more. 


We have teams in Long Island (Lead by Karen), NYC (manhattan, queens, BK)(Lead by Caroline) , STATEN ISLAND (Lead by Lauren Holovka), Upstate NY (Lead by Beth Anne Kelleher), and Volunteers working in conjunction with Sew4Lives individually statewide.


 The fact that all of us who are so isolated right now came together to do something so small yet significant enough that it can save lives and impact the entire world, is why we are doing this. 

To be able to help in this way as part of a team has give us as both volunteers and designers a greater sense of community, humanity, and compassion, it has reconnected us to a basic human instinct- to help one another. We sew for you, We sew for us, We sew for them,



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